• micro LNG Plants

    <i>micro</i> LNG Plants

GLP has specialised in the conceptual design and modularisation of micro LNG Plants since 2007, and have the proven ability and experience to design, construct and commission small-scale LNG plants ranging in throughput from 20 to 500 tonnes per day of LNG.

The 'Virtual' Pipeline

    GLP has played a key role in the Virtual Pipeline concept, which involves LNG either being trucked to remote locations for use in onsite power generation, or the placement of an LNG plant on a stranded gas asset, from which LNG is trucked to the end-user.

Design Approach

Advanced and streamlined front end modelling techniques along with 3D CAD drafting systems ensure optimised turnkey solutions are engineered in a timely and effective manner. 3D design is a key core competency of GLP, guaranteeing accuracy and a high level of quality assurance throughout the project lifecycle. Our micro LNG Plants are no exception.

Case Study – Condamine micro LNG Plant

GLP completed a second 50 tonne per day micro LNG Plant located 35km west of Chinchilla, Queensland. The project follows successful completion in 2010 of an identical plant located in Westbury, Tasmania. The Queensland plant was the first of its type built in mainland Australia to produce LNG from coal seam gas. 

Plant 3D Model Snapshot

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