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GLP engineers and fabricates and offers support for installation and trial fit of large variety of mass transfer internals for use in many process applications.

GLP Engineering has over 25 years of experience in custom design and retrofitting diverse range of vessel internals such as column packing (structured and random), support plates, liquid and vapour distributors, mist eliminators (mesh pads and vane packs), inlet cyclones, multi-cyclones, axial flow cyclones, splash baffle and liquid-liquid coalescer packs across Australia and overseas.

GLP uses proprietary and licensed software for the design of internals as well as vessels such as scrubbers, absorbers, stripping column and two-phase/three-phase separators.

GLP also holds sufficient stock of random packing in different sizes and materials at our warehouse facilities in Melbourne for emergency shutdowns and/or rapid turnarounds thereby avoiding plant shutdown losses due to non-availability of the packing.

GLP has also fabricated internals such as support plate up to 6.0 metres in diameter and in exotic material in a short frame of time for supporting Clients during emergency shutdown.

As part of our design deliverable, GLP provides hydraulic and performance rating calculations for the internals that are designed using proprietary software and offers complete process guarantee and mechanical warranty for all internals that are designed and supplied.

GLP’s engineers have several years of experience in the installation of mass transfer internals in safe and appropriate manner and often provide support to the clients depending upon their requirements.

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