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Ceramic Support Balls

GLP High Quality Ceramic Support Balls are produced from a special formulation with a higher alumina content and are fired under very strictly controlled conditions ensuring the following properties:

  • high temperature resistance
  • very high thermal shock resistance
  • uniform roundness to minimize pressure drop
  • high crushing strength
  • minimum impurities

Typical Applications:

  • Hydrotreating
  • Hydrogenation
  • Hydrodesulphurisation
  • Isomerisation
  • Methanation
  • Shift Conversion (LTS & HTS)
  • Catalytic Cracking
  • Molecular Sieve Driers
  • Air Separation Units
  • Silica Gel Driers
  • Sulphuric Acid Converters
  • Claus Reactors
  • Mercury, Sulphur and Chloride Guards

GLP can provide detailed technical datasheets upon request.

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High Alumina Balls

GLP 's High Alumina Support Balls (>99.2% Al2O3) are purpose fabricated from a specially formulated high purity alumina material and calcined to ensure the following properties:

  • Maximum crush strength
  • Highest temperature resistance
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • High sphericity for low pressure drop
  • Ultra-low impurities
  • Ultra-low porosity and water absorption

These High Alumina Support Balls are suited to high temperature / high severity applications where leachable components or water absorption can cause process issues or catalyst poisoning, or where ultra-high mechanical strength is required.

Typical Applications:

  • Hydrogen and Syngas production
  • Naphtha reforming
  • Isomerisation
  • Alkylation using HF at high temperatures
  • Ammonia and Methanol Plants

GLP can provide detailed technical datasheets upon request.

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Packed Tower Internals

Liquid distributors
Packed towers are designed on the basis of equal liquid and gas superficial velocity across the column cross section. The pressure drop across the packing provides a means for the upward flowing gas to become uniformly distributed across the column area. However, as the liquid flows down the packed bed by gravity it has poor cross mixing tendencies therefore it is important to ensure uniformed liquid distribution at the top of the packed bed. Distributors are internals which are installed above a packed be to provide a finite liquid distribution over the packed bed, it allows liquid to flow in discrete streams. This can be done with through orifices or V-weirs, located on/in the distributor. Distributors also provide a separate passage for the upward flowing gas.

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Bed Limiters
Bed limiters and hold down plates are retaining devices used to prevent fluidisation of packing during operational upsets. Movement of packing can cause efficiency loss, therefore bed limiters are used for both random and structured packing. They are fastened to the column wall by means of support ring or bolting clips. They can also be suspended on tie rods from the liquid distributor.

Bed limiters rest directly on packing and can prevent ceramic packing from breaking up due to fluidisation when operated at high pressure drops or during surges. Bed limiters are designed to provide high open-area and reduce interference to liquid flow. They should be designed to withstand upward forces acting on the packed bed.

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Packing Support Plate
Support plates are used to physically hold up the cumulative weight of the packing and the operating liquid hold-up in the packed bed. Support plates are shaped and designed to provide the maximum open area and minimal pressure drop. Factors that influence the choice and design of the support plate include the column diameter, design loads (mechanical and hydraulic), packing type, liquid hold up and system corrosively.

GLP packing support plates are designed to promote maximum capacity gas injection, with perforated beam design for optimal strength. These support plates are manufactured in sections to fit through vessel manways and can be manufactured from a wide range of materials.

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Flash Gallery
A liquid distributor will not function properly if vapor is trapped in the liquid which creates uneven hydraulic head across the distributor. Flash feed devices separate the vapor in the feed so that only clear liquid is introduced onto the distributor.

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Random Packing
Packed beds created by dumping bulk random packing provide the surface area and voidage necessary for thin film mass transfer of two phase processes. It is vital that high quality packing elements with consistent shape and size are used to achieve optimum performance. Furthermore, proper consideration of design, specification and installation of the random packing and associated column internals is required. Our engineering staff can provide these consultancy services to ensure optimal performance in new installations and for revamping of existing columns.

GLP specialises in retrofit applications and keep a range of packings in stock at our warehouse facilities in Melbourne for emergency requirements.

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Tray Tower Internals

GLP designs and manufactures all types of conventional trays for various applications while conforming to all standards. With the use of process design models including 2D and 3D CAD systems, GLP offers a complete range of trays along with associated internals for fractionation, distillation and other mass transfer columns. Types of trays include:

  • Bubble Cap Trays
  • Fixed or Floating Valve Trays
  • Sieve Trays

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Structured Packing

Structured Packing GLP Engineering manufactures and supplies a wide range of structured packing and their associated internals (support plates, liquid and vapour distributors, bed limiter) for all types of applications and services. Structured packing offers the ability for higher performance and efficiency at a lower pressure drop than random packing.

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Mist Eliminators

GLP design and supplies high quality mist eliminators, including wire mesh demister pads, vane packs, mesh/vane combinatio units and axial flow cyclones. GLP provide quick and accurate mist eliminator design, taking into account all process parameters. Design and rating sheets are available upon request; so-long as sufficient process and mechanical input data is provided.

Materials of construction are typically stainless steel (304/316SS) or plastics such as polypropylene (PP) and more specialised fluoropolymers. Specialised co-knitted metallic wire mesh with glass fibre and PTFE multifilamanents are available for fine mist applications.

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Gas / Liquid Separation

GLP use in-house software for custom design and fabrication of 2-phase and 3-phase separators equipped with a wide variety of high-performance internals such as:

  • Inlet devices (multi-vane, inlet cyclone, inlet deflector)
  • Liquid-liquid coalescer packs (plate type, stokes type)
  • Mist Eliminators (vane packs, wire mesh-type, axial flow cyclones)
  • Sand Jet System (multispray nozzles, torr-jet type)

GLP provides design and hydraulic calculations as part of our ongoing service to our clients. CFD analysis and detailed 3D modelling is also available. 

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Ejectors are the simplest means available for vacuum-raising applications. The Ejector utilises high pressure steam to compress low pressure vapour or gas. This compression creates a vacuum in a vessel or chamber to which the ejector is connected. GLP has developed in-house technology to design various ejectors & eductors such as:

  • Steam Ejectors
  • Vacuum Systems
  • De-superheaters
  • Eductors

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Liquid Eductors

Eductors utilize liquids under pressure as a motive fluid to entrain a flow of gases, vapours or liquids. We supply Inline Eductors for the following applications:

  • Emptying of vessels and sumps
  • Blending of liquids
  • Diluting of corrosive liquids in water
  • Aeration of liquids and effluents
  • Vacuum – Raising
  • Pump priming
  • Transferring liquids or slurries
  • Condensing vapour streams

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Venturi Scrubbers

The High Energy Venturi Scrubber is ideally suited to the capture of small particles less than 3 microns in size. It is effective as well in the submicron range and requires little or no maintenance. For applications where variations in gas flow require throat gas velocity compensation to maintain specified scrubbing efficiencies we can offer automatic and manually variable throat designs. 

GLP has successfully employed high energy venturi scrubbing technology in fume and fine particulate (sub-micron and PM2.5) wet scrubbing applications.

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