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SM-type Structured Packing, metallic

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GLP’s SM-type Structured Packing is supplied in modules consisting of parallel layers of corrugated and textured sheetmetal. Each layer is stacked with an alternating 90 degree orientation, resulting in excellent distribution of liquid and gas phases. Inclination angles available are standard Y-type (45°) and high throughput X-type (60°). Adjustable wall-wipers are included to prevent vapour and liquid by-passing packing at the vessel wall.

The GLP Sheetmetal Structured Packing range exhibits excellent performance characteristics including:

  • Large operating range with high separation efficiency at high F factors
  • Low pressure drop of 0.3 – 1.0 mbar per theoretical stage
  • Can operate with extremely low liquid loads of approximately 0.2 m3/m3/h

A high capacity variation of SM-type structured packing is available (the ‘HC’ range) offering 20% lower pressure drop with the same efficiency as standard structured packing.

This improvement is achieved by geometrically modifying the angle of the corrugations within the structured packing modules so that a vertical transition is made between each element, reducing the pressure losses associated with the change in flow direction at the interface of each layer.

Structured packing is custom manufactured to order.

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