Micro LNG Plants

GLP have specialised in the conceptual design and modularization of Micro LNG Plants since 2007 and have the ability to design, construct and commission small-scale LNG plants ranging from 20 to 500 tonnes per day.

Westbury 3DThe ‘Virtual Pipeline’

GLP supports a new area that is being investigated within the industry. The concept either involves LNG being trucked to remote locations for use in onsite power generation, or the placement of an LNG plant on the stranded pipeline before again, trucking the LNG to the end user.

Design Approach

Every customer has different requirements. Our designers utilise process simulation and vessel hydraulic modelling techniques along with 3D drafting systems to ensure optimised turnkey solutions are provided in a timely and effective manner. 3D design is a key core competency of GLPs, guaranteeing accuracy and a high level of quality assurance throughout the project lifecycle. Our micro LNG Plants are no exception.

Condamine3DGLP’s Micro LNG Plants:

  • Bespoke & Tailored Designs
  • Low Maintenance – High Reliability
  • Remote Operated
  • Modularized Packages
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Market Leaders

Case Study – Westbury Micro LNG Plant

In February 2011, GLP completed the design, construction and commissioning of BOC’s micro LNG plant in Westbury, Tasmania. GLP was selected after undergoing an approval process of more than 12 months, demonstrating its high level of engineering excellence in innovative design and construction in modular style plants. The plant has the capacity to produce 50 tonne per day of LNG and is designed to be run 24 hours per day, seven days per week from a remote operating facility.  The Westbury Micro LNG Plant was a first for Australia having been built to supply the domestic transport industry.  The facility was designed and currently operates to a strict environmental standard.