Gas Scrubbing

GLP designs and builds gas scrubbers and scrubbing systems for specific applications, providing solutions to the most challenging problems.

GLP engineers are experts in applying the principals of mass transfer to provide efficient, cost effective scrubbing solutions to meet the most stringent emission control requirements.

Typical components removed through gas scrubbing include sulphur compounds, amines, ammonia, chlorine, NOx and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Once the components for removal are identified, GLP select the required scrubbing media and corresponding operating conditions to achieve efficient removal.  This includes the selection and sizing of the required scrubber internals to aid the mass transfer.  GLP specialise in the specification and supply of random and structured packing as well as all types of fixed vessel internals.

GLP designs include:

  • Gas scrubbing using the most up-to-date extraction processes.
  • Gas polishing using absorbents to remove difficult-to-extract pollutants.
  • Gas filtration whereby gas is forced through a rigorous emission filtration system, achieving optimum environmental results.

Compliance with latest environmental emission standards is critical to the operation of today’s process plants.  GLP employs an innovative and intelligent approach when designing gas cleaning systems to provide customised, efficient and cost effective scrubbing solutions which meet the most challenging requirements.

Typical GLP gas scrubbing system features include:

  • Gas scrubbing vessel complete with internals
  • Exhaust fan
  • Liquid circulation pump and piping
  • Chemical dosing
  • Liquid drain and collection
  • Exhaust stack
  • Valves, instrumentation and controls
  • Access ways and ladders