Fuel Gas Conditioning

Raw or unprocessed gas is often utilised as a fuel for gas turbines and gas engines.  The raw or unprocessed gas typically requires pressure reduction and contains compounds which may increase engine wear, are non-combustible or pose a threat to the environment.  Therefore the raw or unprocessed gas must be processed prior to utilisation and this process is called fuel gas conditioning.

GLP offers conditioning solutions for the most difficult fuel gas compositions.  Technologies utilised include Low Temperature Separation, Filter Coalescing, Scrubbing, Sulphur Treatment, Dehydration, Superheating and Pressure Regulation.  GLP can also remove unwanted hydrocarbon fractions (C4+) if required.

GLP have extensive experience in providing complete turnkey design and supply of fuel gas conditioning skids for both onshore and offshore applications where the reliable supply of the highest quality fuel gas is critical.