N2O abatement

GLP can assist with solutions for N2O removal. Catalytic technology for N2O removal is most effective, and in Clariant’s EnviCatĀ® N2O series of catalysts are offered in varieties to be effective in both nitric acid production and in secondary nitric acid installations.

By using cobalt / manganese-based ENVICATĀ® catalysts, producers benefit from long-lasting durability and optimized performance.

As an added benefit, EnviCatĀ® N2O-S can help increase HNO3 yield in nitric acid plants by partially converting both N2O and ammonia (NH3) slip to NO.

And, a variety of geometric shapes and sizes means its capable of performing across a wide range of operating conditions and environments. Our product line is based on activated transition metals and is available in a variety of sizes depending upon need.


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