GLP specialises in the design, fabrication and installation of modular processing units catering to all major processing industries. GLP’s unique in-house engineering capabilities include process modelling, electrical, mechanical, instrument design and project management and commissioning services.

GLP offers complete process unit modules that can easily be installed on site using a single point lift. Typically modules weigh between one and 100 tonnes.

Modular Design

GLP utilises the latest design tools including computer Process Simulation and 3D drafting packages, which allows detailed reviews both internally and externally, minimising installation errors. Reviewing the 3D model allows all access and maintenance requirements to be easily identified and rectified before fabrication commences. Through our continual review process, the GLP design team offers the best modular solution to our clients.


GLP design and supply modules that incorporate vast numbers of design criteria.

Depending on our clients’ requirements, GLP modules can be transported anywhere in the world. The design team at GLP focuses on footprint reduction while maintaining serviceability of all equipment. GLP prefabricated modularised process plants are supplied complete with all possible items prewired and tested reducing construction and commissioning time and effort.