Random Packing

Packed beds created by dumping bulk random packing provide the surface area and voidage necessary for thin film mass transfer of two phase processes. It is vital that high quality packing elements with consistent shape and size are used to achieve optimum performance. Furthermore, proper consideration of design, specification and installation of the random packing and associated column internals is required. Our engineering staff can provide these consultancy services to ensure optimal performance in new installations and for revamping of existing columns.

GLP specialises in retrofit applications and keep a range of packings in stock at our warehouse facilities in Melbourne for emergency requirements.

Our range of random packings

For detailed product information please do not hesitate to contact GLP at our offices.

Pall Rings and Mypak Rings (Hypak Ring Equivalents)

Saddle Rings (IMTP Equivalents)

RASCH Ring (RASCHIG Ring Equivalents)

Mini Ring (CMR Equivalents)

IMT Super Saddles (Intalox Super Saddle Equivalents)


Bio Rings

Starflake Rings (Snow Flake Equivalent)