H2 Storage

GLP designs and supplies process plants for the generation, purification, liquefaction and storage of hydrogen (H2).

GLP employs a dedicated team of multi-disciplinary engineers and designers who have broad experience in the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning facilities for chemical and physical storage of liquid hydrogen. 

GLP’s project experience includes the generation and storage of Hydrogen from renewable and fossil fuel processes

Examples of GLP various Hydrogen storage capability

  • Compressed storage in Cylinder or Cylinder packs
  • Liquid Hydrogen storage and loadout
  • Ammonia Storage and infrastructure
  • LOHC using catalyst technology

Product stored exceeds 99.9% hydrogen ideal for industry and transport.

GLP designers utilise the latest hydraulic and process modelling techniques with 3-dimensional modelling to optimise plant/stroage designs.  This ensures GLP plants are cost competitive, energy efficient, easy to operate at all levels of turn-down, reliable and maintainable.