CO abatement

Industrial exhaust gas typically contains a variety of organic compounds, such as chemical by-products, solvents or malodorous compounds. These volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hydrocarbons (HC), including carbon monoxide (CO) are emitted by many industrial processes and need to be eliminated. Some applications also require a decomposition of nitrogen compounds such as NOx, N2O and NH3.

Catalytic incineration is the smart choice for many plants because oxidation reactions take place at a lower temperature than with thermal oxidation. Lower operating temperatures translate to less stress on equipment and reduced operating costs, which can provide significant economic benefit for operators.

GLP provides a full range of standard and customized catalysts in both spherical and honeycomb forms, with precious metals or base metals as active components. Our flexibility in manufacturing allows us to customize the catalyst according to the specific demands of each application and equipment design.

GLP offers complete turnkey equipment packages customised to your plant requirements.


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